Students urged to avoid reckless drivers

KINGSTON, Jamaica (JIS) — Director of the Road Safety Unit, Ministry of Transport and Mining, Kenute Hare, is imploring students not to get into taxis and buses operated by reckless drivers.

“Don’t allow anybody to ‘bun up’ any speedometer with you. If you know anybody, who drive bad, come out of the vehicle. Come out. Life is sweet, life is nice. It is better to be here alive and here walking freely than in a hospital,” he said.

He was addressing wards of the Mount Olivet Boys’ Home in Walderston, Manchester, at a recent Career Day activity. Hare was among a number of professionals, who visited the home to provide guidance to the boys as they begin the new academic year.

He told the boys that many road crashes resulted from human error and encouraged them to think about their own safety as they traverse the roads daily. He noted that making the wrong decision about which vehicle they enter could have a serious impact on their lives, robbing them of their future.

“Do you know how many children are disadvantaged because of traffic crashes? Lives have been destroyed in this country because of traffic crashes. Traffic crashes bring suffering and disaster,” he stressed.

Turning to the matter of seat belts, Hare reiterated the importance of passengers, including children wearing the safety device.
He warned that under the new road safety legislation, the fine for transporting children without a seat belt is going to be increased.

“Fines are for lawbreakers. If you want to give away your $10,000, $5,000 or $15,000 to pay (for) a traffic violation, that’s your business. But I would say to you, buy some school books, pay school fees for your children, buy some food at the supermarket… But the only way you are going to stop paying for traffic tickets is when you obey the rules of the road,” Hare said.

The Mount Olivet Boys’ Home Career Day was organised by the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), which adopted the home in 2009 as its main Corporate Social Responsibility project.
Sponsors for the event were YB Afraid; Wisynco; Sagicor Foundation; Sammy’s Shoes; Cooper’s Delights; CB Chicken; Jamaica Urban Transport Company (JUTC) and private individuals including staff of the Jamaica Customs Agency.