Staging of PEP curriculum based test successful, says ministry

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The Ministry of Education Youth and Information is reporting that the inaugural staging of the curriculum based test of the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) was successful.

The language arts and science assessments were administered on Tuesday morning to 41,423 students island wide.

The ministry, in a statement today, said there were a few minor obstacles but it’s examination machinery was able to successfully respond to the challenges that would have presented on the day by triggering the necessary contingencies.

On Wednesday, activities went well as grade six students sat mathematics and social studies across examination center .

“The ministry wants to commend all administrators, teachers, parents and examiners for their support in the completion of two exceptional days of assessments and anticipates their continued   partnership in preparing our grades four and five children who will sit their Performance Task in May and June respectively,” the statement continued.

The PEP exams, which replaced the Grade Six Achievement Test as the national secondary school entrance examination, is intended to provide a better and more complete profile of students’ academic and critical thinking capabilities at the end of primary level education.

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