Some 20 persons said displaced by late night fire in downtown Kingston

Close to 20 persons are reported to have been displaced following a fire that gutted several buildings on Orange Street in downtown Kingston late on Wednesday into Thursday morning.

Authorities said they are also looking into reports that the fire may have resulted from an arson attack.

Reports are that about midnight, residents in the area saw smoke coming from one of the dwellings and raised an alarm.

A team of firefighters responded to the call and after battling the fire for some time, was able to extinguish the blaze.

Sources in the area said the fire has displaced approximately 20 people who were occupying the destroyed buildings..

Firefighters, who were still at the scene well into daybreak, said they were unable to confirm the reports of the extent of displacement of persons, as they were still trying to gather information  
on the fire.

The firefighters said what they do know is that the buildings that were destroyed were being used as a combination of a commercial complex and living quarters.

“We were told that a number of people were living there and others were using other buildings as a commercial space,” said a firefighter.