Gas, diesel prices down, but other petroleum costs go up

Gasoline and diesel prices are down this week, but all other petroleum products supplied by the state-owned oil refinery, Petrojam, will see increases.

That is according to the latest in weekly price movements announced on Wednesday by Petrojam.

Effective Thursday, 87 and 90-octane gasoline will be sold for $134.20 and $137.04 per litre, respectively, down by $1.64 each.

Automotive diesel fuel is down by a mere $0.01, and will be sold for $137.80 per litre, while ultra-low sulphur diesel will sell for $141.49 per litre, down by $0.31.

Meanwhile, kerosene has been increased by $0.46, and will sell this week for $117.83 per litre.

Propane liquid petroleum will be sold for $44.39 per litre, up by $0.90, while butane liquid petroleum will be sold for $47.58 per litre following an increase of $0.06.

The marketing companies and retailers will add their respective mark-ups to the prices from Petrojam.