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16 February 2017

More Cyber Crimes Arrests Coming

The Police Cyber Crimes Unit says more persons are to be arrested soon for using social media to publish false information about other individuals.

Assistant Commissioner Clifford Chambers, who heads the Cyber Crimes Unit, says investigators are now probing 25 cases in which persons have complained that false information has been published about them in social media.

According to Chambers three of those cases were reported this year.

last evening, ACP Chambers said  investigations in the 25 new cases are far advanced and warned that the posting of false information on social media is something the police are taking serious.

Chambers says persons found guilty in the Parish Court can be sentenced to a maximum fine of $4 million and or four years in prison at hard labour or a maximum of seven years at hard labour if the conviction is in the High Court.

His comments come days after 35-year-old Ameika Mullings was arrested and charged under the Cyber Crimes Act for allegedly posting pictures on social media that her ex-boyfriend was wanted for murder, assault and rape.

The National Security Ministry says police investigations revealed that the information was false, malicious and could amount to malicious communication under the Cyber Crime legislation.

The Cyber Crimes legislation was amended in 2015 to make it illegal to use a computer and other electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets for malicious communication.


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