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13 February 2017

Dead Man Tells No Tales – Who Slashed Driver’s throat?

1445078183_SCENE_TAPE_2A 23-year-old painter implicated in the alleged attempted robbery and unlawful wounding of a taxi operator last New Year’s Eve was yesterday denied bail when he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court.

It is alleged that the accused, Jarell James, of Gold Smith Villa in Kingston, and a 17-year-old teenager attacked the taxi man after they chartered his taxi while posing as passengers.

The teenager was, however, shot and killed by cops during an alleged altercation with the police.

According to a police report, on the day in question both men boarded the taxi in Papine in St Andrew, and asked the driver to take them to downtown Kingston.

When they reached their destination, it is reported that they asked the driver to take them to another location and he refused.

The driver then reportedly felt a hand from behind covering his mouth and was told not to make a sound. He then felt his throat being cut and he was also stabbed in the neck. The injured driver reportedly managed to free himself and got out of the car.

The alleged robbers then drove away the car but were intercepted by police who were on patrol.

James was subsequently charged with wounding with intent and robbery with aggravation. But in court his lawyer, Russell Stewart, denied that his client was involved in the attack while insisting that James was a legitimate paying customer.

“My client at the material time was not an active participant in the robbery. The now deceased was the one who initiated it,” Stewart told Parish Judge Andrea Pettigrew-Collins.

“There was no common design, my client was merely a passenger in the wrong taxi at the wrong time,” Stewart argued.

But the prosecutor maintained that both men were acting together and that both of them had injured the complainant, although he was not sure who did what to him.

Judge Pettigrew-Collins refused his application and remanded James who is next scheduled for court on March 6, 2017.


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