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13 February 2017

Canadian Prime Minister at the White House


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has joined Donald Trump for talks about women at work, on his first White House visit to the new president.

The two leaders, and Mr Trump’s daughter Ivanka, led a roundtable discussion on female workers.

It will be followed by one-on-one talks about economic ties, but the two have sharp differences on immigration.

Mr Trudeau, 45, said he expected to “find a lot of common ground” with his 70-year-old counterpart.

His first responsibility was to “highlight Canadian values and principles and the things that keep our country strong”, he said, ahead of the trip.

Canadian pollster Nik Nanos told Reuters he expects Mr Trudeau to avoid being too critical but will speak about Canada’s welcome for refugees and his support for free trade, when asked.

“This meeting is more about avoiding pitfalls than trying to engage on some of the big issues,” said Mr Nanos.

“It’s definitely the policy of laying low.”


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