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17 July 2017

Attorney fights to have extradited client returned to Jamaica

Attorney Don Foote is scheduled to return to the Supreme Court this morning as he continue his legal fight to have his extradited client, George Flowers returned to Jamaica.

Flowers, who was wanted in Canada on sex charges pertaining to allegations that he knowingly had sex with four women while being HIV positive, was extradited last month to Canada.

However, his attorney later filed a lawsuit against Justice Minister Delroy Chuck, Director of Public Prosecution Paula Llewellyn, the Attorney General Marlene Malahoo Forte and the Department Correctional Services, claiming that his client was removed from the island under protest and that the defendants are in breach of their oath of office.

Foote, who is seeking to have his client returned to Jamaica to finish his matters in court, also wanted to see a copy of the warrant on which his client was extradited.

The first hearing was scheduled for last week Tuesday, however, Foote said the defendants’ lawyer did not produce the warrant and had asked for an adjournment in the matter without a date.

The defendant’s attorney was scolded by the judge who said that it was a serious matter if Flowers had been extradited under protest.

Consequently, the matter was set for today to have the defendants provide the warrant or to give convincing reasons why it is not forthcoming.


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